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Flat Roof Infrared Inspection Detects Moisture Leaks and Damaged Insulation:

Classic F/R moisture damage pattern reveals bad insulation.

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An infrared camera with a trained thermographer can perform a thermal survey of many types of roofing materials to determine the extent and location of damaged flat roof structures. The most common materials can be inspected including roll asphalt, single ply membrane, multiple ply / built up ( BUR ) and flat seamed metal. Gravel or tile ballast roofs may need to have the ballast removed prior to inspection.
Aerial F/R Inspection
The non-contact nature of IR thermography allows for aerial confirmation of large structures. In this inverted (black is hot) image the dark areas represent possible water damage in the structure. There is no easier way to evaluate large commercial facilities then from the air. The subtle variations in temperature require that all aerial work be carried out by qualified personnel with the appropriate equipment and experience.

Inverted image shows black as hot and white as cool. Black spots are problem areas.

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